Name: Kitasan (Man)

Birth Year: 1962

Hobby: Personal Computer,Bird watching,Gardening,Picture,Guitar,Jogging(Sometime for training)

Occupation: Computer Engineer

Currently, I have following personal computersF

These Computers are connected by LAN. And this LAN is connected to INTERNET by ADSL communication line via firewall.

1.NEC Lavie PC-LG10JLFE9(Pentium3 695Mhz,Memory 512MB,H/D 40GB,IEEE802.11b Wireless LANj

2.Sony VAIO B5 Notebook PCG-SRX7(Pentium3 Mobile 800MHz,Memory 256MB,H/D 30GB,IEEE802.11b Wireless LAN)

3.No bland oriiginal Desktop computer(Celeron 1.4Ghz,Memory 256MB,H/D 60GB,100BASE-T LAN)

4.EPSON Endeavor(Celeron 466MHz,Memory 128MB,H/D 8GB,640MB MO drive,K56f modem,100BASE-T LAN)

5.Fujitsu FMV-DESKPOWER SE(MMX Pentium ODP 180MHz,Memory 128MB,H/D 20GB,100BASE-T LAN)

6.EPSON vividy NOTE VN512ET(Pentium120MHz,Memory 24MB,H/D 1.3GB)

7. Miscellanies: CANON PowerShot S40 Digital camera(400million pixels)

8. Miscellanies: CASIO QV-100 Digital camera(36million pixels,High resolution 64 pictures/Standard resolution 128 pictures)

9. Miscellanies: Roland GI-10 GUITER-MIDI INTERFACE( is connected to FMV-DESKPOWER SE .)

10.Classic style computer: Toshiba PASOPIA(Z-80A,31KB,Audio tape for machine readable media) Notice: This machine is available now.

My favorite is WC/J. WC/J is one of the chat soft. If you are interested in it, please try.

Please click this icon. You will get more information for WC/J .

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